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Echo Amity Smiter

Echo Amity Smiter (skill bar)

This monk makes it so no one needs healing. By echoing Amity and Pacifism, you can disable all of your opponents! Echo is very important in this build because some skills don't have a very short cooldown. Use your echo and then spam Amity and Pacifism on all opponents. Remember to put on your Superior Healing Rune so they're rendered useless as long as possible. After they're all disabled, pick a target and use your smiting signets: Bane Signet, Signet of Rage, then Castigation Signet to regain your energy. If for some reason someone is able to remove Amity or Pacifism, they may give you a hex or condition. Spam Purge Signet on everyone to remove their hexes and conditions and quickly use Amity and Pacifism again to prevent any more damage to your team. A good in-battle resurrection spell is Rebirth. That way, you can bring your teammates away from the enemy players. You lose all of your energy though, so make sure to spam your smiting signets on anyone nearby until you get your energy back. (more)

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