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Featured Build

Frenzied Conjurer

Frenzied Conjurer (skill bar)

This elementalist is an expert swordsman. The key to this build is using Conjure Frost with a Superior Rune to make your sword damage fearfully strong. Run up to an enemy and attack with your conjure-enhanced weapon. Remember to use Water Attunement to save energy and Glyph Of Elemental Power to boost your Conjure Frost even more!! Make sure to constantly use Frenzy to attack quickly. If someone attacks you, use Healing Signet. It will quickly get you back into the fight. If someone starts attacking you, use Dolyak Signet to make yourself almost invulnerable. When you have Dolyak Signet active, you can spam Healing Signet until you are full on health. Use Ice Spear if someone is running away. They can't easily escape from this spell even though it's only half the normal range. (more)

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